S J Denney

S J Denney is an Essex-based singer-songwriter.  He performs folk music with an indie edge.  The Unsung Hero is his latest single…

This is his first release of the year. And he’s stepping confidently into the 20s with an assured voice that suggests another impressive clutch of tracks coming our way, to add to his rich catalogue.

The song begins with full instrumentation. Lead and acoustic guitars interweave beautifully along a very Denney-esque rhythm of shuffle and snare with a deftly placed line of bass. S J’s voice comes in, warm and rounded. These days the power within his ballads is conveyed by the music and strength of lyric; this mature delivery allows his vocals to blend with the musicality. And it brings shivers – as you’ll see.

The mighty electric melody of the refrain raises the temperature and enables the emotional high point. ‘When someone believes in you’ he sings – and we all know that feeling. When the presence of love means you can bear anything, do anything and carry on, knowing there’s someone wholly on your side.

The instrumental break is a delight. S J reaches back to one of his earliest tools in the kit with a clarinet solo that fits the mood perfectly. This leads to the second refrain, raising the emotional pitch again. The insistent, driving music and unashamed, tender words bring back again the title of this stunning track, as he laments, ‘My hero’s still unsung’.

Not any more she isn’t.

Mark J Cundy – Feb ’20

‘He’s got the edge that can rarely be captured on stage.  S J Denney’s music is meant to be in the spotlight and will only move forward from here on out.’ – LIVAMP

‘I can definitely hear how Noel Gallagher has been a major influence, but S J still makes his music his own.  The details within his writing definitely make his music stand out; especially with his vocal style.’ – My Random Jukebox

‘S J is someone who has always had a great way with words and knows how to craft details in his stories to grab the listener’s attention.  But a story is only as good as its narrator, and his voice compliments his words perfectly.’ – The Appetizer Radio Show