S J Denney

S J Denney is an Essex-based singer-songwriter.  He performs folk music with an indie edge.  A Place We Knew is his latest single…

With some of my new songs I’ve tried to write the lyrics first, which is a foreign process to me.  This one is about how having a child changes your perspective on things.  Since becoming a father I’ve been able to let go of a lot of things that bothered me, focussing on a bright future with my own family.

I wanted to try something different musically, so I ordered a bouzouki.  I’d never played one before so I thought it would be an interesting challenge.  We went to Devon last summer on our first family holiday and I decided to pack my latest acquisition.  During our time away I learnt to play my new instrument and wrote two songs on it.  I wanted some extra ambience for the recording, so I ordered a Gazouki (a bouzouki with a guitar body).

The music moves in some unexpected directions and parts of it remind me of ‘Grace’ by Jeff Buckley.  With this in mind, I wrote a cool ‘Jeff-style’ cello line, which is executed to perfection by Louise Dearsley.  The track also features some mighty harmonies from Roisin O’Hagan.

The artwork was designed by the wonderfully talented Alex Hutchinson, with some direction from me.  Alex used various lyrics from the song to put together a collage that represents the spirit of the track.

‘He’s got the edge that can rarely be captured on stage.  S J Denney’s music is meant to be in the spotlight and will only move forward from here on out.’ – LIVAMP

‘I can definitely hear how Noel Gallagher has been a major influence, but S J still makes his music his own.  The details within his writing definitely make his music stand out; especially with his vocal style.’ – My Random Jukebox

‘S J is someone who has always had a great way with words and knows how to craft details in his stories to grab the listener’s attention.  But a story is only as good as its narrator, and his voice compliments his words perfectly.’ – The Appetizer Radio Show